Harmonious Balanced Relationships

Strong Flexible Body

Elevated Mind

Emotional Wellbeing

Financial Freedom

Self Actualization

Your Solution Consultant is a balanced, grounded, self aware Woman with an

Entrepreneurial spirit.

She fought to overcome personal obstacles in her mind, body, spirit, relationships, & finances.

She quickly grasped the understanding that her external was nothing more than a reflection of her thoughts, beliefs, and what was going on within her.

For over a decade she spent most of her time Behind the Chair as a professional Hair Care Specialist and Entrepreneur. She was blessed to serve 100’s of men, women, and children helping solve their hair concerns while elevating a few perspectives along the way, and developing great friendships.

What many weren’t aware of was the 1000’s of hours she invested behind closed doors studying, practicing, and learning from Great Minds, Master Teachers, and her Personal experiences.

Now she is finally prepared to continue evolving while helping others do the same.

Marissa is an intuitive effective listener who has mastered the art of hearing what’s being said as well as what is being left out. She genuinely enjoys helping others peel back the layers, address their core issues, and make progress.

Being that she enjoys troubleshooting and bridging gaps, she decided to offer services for inspiring entrepreneurs, and professional assisting them to reach their goals.

Together they will develop a customized system to obtain their desired results.