Insecurities??? Self Imposed limitations??? You are not alone, we have all struggled with them. Greetings & Welcome to
Experience Black Transformations.
My name is Marissa and Experience Black is a brand that I created during my personal healing journey. As a child with dark skin and “nappy hair”, I was made to believe that I was unattractive because of the way I looked. Being that I had no one in my life early on, encouraging me to believe different, I spent most of my life unconsciously believing all the negative things that were said to and about me. Most of my life I had a poor self-image which was the foundation to my poor self-esteem. My behavior and experiences throughout my life reflected just that. I made the decision to do something I like to call transmuting negative energy, in other words turning a negative into a positive.
In 2014 I decided to re-brand my then 4-year-old beauty service company giving birth to Experience BLACK by Ms.Black. Different variations of the word black were used to hurt me, so I decided to give it a meaning that would empower myself and others.


Beautiful Looks Always Created Kindly

As a certified Reiki Master, Natural Hair Care Specialist, and Mentor; Holistic Living has become a way of life that I enjoy teaching and promoting. I take pride in assisting my clients with physical, mental, and emotional healing that has placed restrictions on their quality of life. With over 10 years’ experience as a beauty professional working with clients to achieve their hair goals, I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to share a number of holistic solutions to health challenges such as hair loss/thinning, various scalp problems, acne, hormonal imbalance, infertility, weight loss, asthma, allergies, stress, anxiety, physical pain, and more. I never made any claims to be a health care provider of any sort. I simply established trust in my relationships with my clients, maintained good health naturally, and simply shared my secrets with caution of course.
As a compassionate intuitive on a Divine Mission I am transparent with my clients, and do my best to make the healing journey to finding balance in every area of life as enjoyable as possible. From personal experience I understand One has to “ Feel it, to Heal it” referring to the pain and traumas that many have suppressed throughout their lives. I also understand what it feels like to feel alone on that journey and desire to be a reliable supporter for my clients during their spiritual awakening journey.

Behind the Business