Private Chef Rob


Featured at Top Notch Barbershop & Beauty Studio

Cafe Hours Thurs- Sat 10 am-5pm

Breakfast 10 am- 1pm

Menu Items

Steak, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich

Chopped steak, fried egg, onions, and white American cheese w/ Chubbs sauce
$ 5.00

Chicken, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich

Pulled chicken, peppers, fried egg, onions, white American cheese, fried egg, Chubbs sauce
$ 5.00

Chop Burger 6" Sub Combo

Comes with chips & drink.
$ 10.00

Sweet Potato Waffle Special

Served with baked mac n cheese (2) oven roasted whole chicken wings
$ 12.00

Chicken & Grits

Bowl of cheddar grits topped with two whole chicken wings, garlicy sauce garnished w/ green onions and spices
$ 10.00

The Notch Dog (Beef)

With Chili $4.50 served with chips and orangeade.
$ 4.00

Cafe Drinks


$ 2.00

Bottled Water

$ 1.00